How to Bring on Labor Naturally

How to Bring on Labor Naturally

10 different ways you can try and stimulate labor


As a doula and educator I am notorious for research driven data. I won’t lie google can be fun to search through and you will get some great accurate resources, along with the overload of crazy stories and non-researched based methods. This can be sooooooo overwhelming, especially when pregnant, hormonal and all you really want is some answers.

I am now 36 weeks pregnant with my third child and I’m starting to feel like I’m like an old car just doing its thing. But it is so important with each pregnancy to take “self” time to continue to nurture and grow your beautiful baby, all while not losing a sense of yourself along the way. It is so easy to get hung up on preparing the baby’s room, making sure we are nesting properly or chasing around toddlers that we forget to prep our own body and mind for birth. This preparation takes on a huge role when we think about labor coming on spontaneously. So many things come into play such as hormonal changes, baby’s position, stress, and what we are putting into our bodies. Good news….YES you can help encourage labor to start on its own!

Before You Try To Bring On Labor Naturally

  •    Get the all-clear from your care provider, especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition.
  •    Make Sure Specialist Are Qualified, Certified and Experienced In Prenatal Care.
  •    Be Informed- It’s important to make sure you’re well informed as to the effectiveness and side effects for any method.
  •    Remember That Any Form Of Induction Is An Induction. Don’t get caught up forcing your body and baby into labor if it’s just not meant to be – your baby may not like it and you could end up needing help.

10 different ways you can try and stimulate labor naturally:

#1: Daily Exercises

I always say in my fitness classes if you can do three exercises daily you not only will help with baby’s position, it will help labor come on its own and help you to achieve a shorter labor. What’s the secret…making space for baby by releasing the ligaments, reducing stress factors, and breathing. If you can Cat / Cows daily (80 reps would be awesome), squat daily (at least 10-20), and breathe / circle the hips out on a birth ball you will help your baby have the room to get into an awesome birth position. Check our Prenatal Fitness classes Prenatal Pilates 5:30-6:30pm Wednesdays at Tehila’s Pilates and Prenatal Yoga 6:00-7:15 at Soluna Yoga + Spa  Tuesdays

#2: Sex

A commonly suggested method of natural induction due to semen containing prostaglandins, which help to ripen the cervix. Also when a woman experiences an orgasm, she produces oxytocin – the labor, love and bonding hormone that can also trigger labor.

#3: Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to induce women who are post dates in their pregnancy.  Acupuncture generally works within 2-3 treatments. It is safe to do acupuncture throughout your pregnancy as maintenance and from 35 weeks on to help encourage the body’s preparation for labor

#4: Evening Primrose Oil

Another ‘cervix ripening’ method. EPO helps by imitating prostaglandin can be used orally and/or internally. The most effective method is taking EPO internally, you can do this from 36 weeks – simply insert 2-3 capsules directly to the cervix before bed. You might like to wear a pad or liner as it can get messy when you get up.

#5: Nipple Stimulation

This produces oxytocin and can produce some strong effects, so you can try stimulating your nipples (including your areola, as a baby would when sucking) with your fingers, massaging one at a time or by using a breast pump. Try for 5-10 min every hour.

#6: Chiropractic Adjustment

An “induction” chiropractic visit should be with a trained and certified Webster Technique Specialist. This method aligns the bones of the pelvis and structurally can help with optimal positioning of the baby to engage fully into the pelvis therefore triggering labor to start. With mumda and our partner Revolution Chiropractic you are in good hands during your pregnancy and into pediatric care for your newborn…check it out!

#7: Raspberry Leaf Tea

Raspberry leaf is believed to be a uterine tonic with other postnatal benefits, including breastmilk production and recovery from childbirth. Women use raspberry leaf in the weeks leading up to labor, believing it may help them to have a shorter, easier labor.

#8: Induction Massage

As with induction acupuncture, induction massage can be given on or after your due date. The massage therapists (who should be experienced in induction massage) work on acupressure points which are normally avoided during pregnancy, in the hope it can help to trigger labor. Our massage specialist are certified in prenatal and “baby get out” massage. A great way to get some stress ease throughout pregnancy, as well as helping you in the final days As with normal massage, induction massage helps to relax and calm your body, easing tension and helping to create a clear and grounded space. The therapists also may use essential oils, which can assist with labor induction. It’s generally a very successful form of labor induction if the mind, body and baby is ready and willing.

#9: Eat Date Fruit

According to a study, consumption of date fruit in the four weeks prior to labor significantly reduced the need for induction and augmentation of labor. Researchers found it produced a more favorable birth outcome.

#10 Eat Spicy Foods

The complexity in spicy foods is thought to stimulate the nervous system.

MOST IMPORTANTLY REMEMBER: babies come when they are ready!

  •    Rest at night as best you can. Use the day to get things moving, but don’t exhaust all your energy in early labor.
  •    Walk – especially through contractions – it’s the best thing you can do!
  •    Stairs – climbing stairs is a great way to get things going and to help get that baby down and into a good position.
  •    In Early Labor avoid the bath or swimming – it counteracts gravity. Jump in the shower instead and if you need to sit down on a chair in a shower that’s okay.
  •    If it’s comfortable to do so, when sitting, sit on the chair backwards as it will encourage baby into a better position if you can get your hips higher than your knees.
  •    Keep upright where possible – make use of gravity. When the uterus contracts, it contracts forwards. So lean into your contractions, bend your knees and have your knees apart. About a 45 degree angle is good.

YOU GOT THIS MOMMA and mumda is here to help!!!