We want the birth experience of every woman to be calm, peaceful and empowering. Every woman deserves to have the birth that she wants, and she has a right to education about physiological birth. Labor is one of the most vulnerable times of a woman’s life, and the emotional support provided by the steady presence of a birth doula protects and sustains a calming environment. Doulas support a woman to assert her birth choices to her care providers and help to ensure informed consent takes place.

Our philosophy includes a holistic approach to caring for women throughout their journey. We believe education, prenatal Pilates and yoga, acupuncture, nutrition, chiropractic care and counseling are essential practices that prepare the mind and body for birth and postpartum.

The paradigm of women experiencing traumatic birth is shifting. Peaceful births allow for mothers to bond and parent with more calm and ease. The impact of this has lifelong implications for mother and child, and untold effects on the world at large. In a chaotic world, babies represent hope and possibility. As women become mothers, they embody a new sense of confidence, empowerment and grace. Some care providers end up taking a woman’s power away – we seek to do the opposite. We seek to ensure a woman finds her power within, and we believe empowering birthing women changes the world.

Jennifer Walker

Founder, Mumda

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