Massage is not a luxury. Massage during pregnancy is a wonderful choice for the reliefs of discomforts and as a well to reduce stress, while providing overall wellness. Having trouble sleeping or having headaches during pregnancy? Massage during pregnancy reduces inflammation and stresses on weight-bearing joints. Encourage good circulation and helps to reduce nervous tension, which has a direct connection with sleep, and helps to relieve anxiety and depression caused from hormonal shifts during pregnancy.


Prenatal Reiki is a beautiful gift to mother and baby.  Prenatal Reiki treatments can enhance the connection between mother and baby, provide energetic support for a healthy pregnancy, prepare for birth and help relieve discomfort associated with pregnancy.  “Reiki babies” are said to be very ‘zen’ babies, with mothers reporting their babies to be calmer and less fussy than other babies. Scientifically there is evidence for this, as successful Reiki treatments result in lowered stress hormones in the mother and therefore the baby. A postpartum combined Reiki session with mom or dad and baby can help strengthen bonding and support recovery from birth.

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