Newborns truly are fascinating creatures. Learn all about newborn care and how to protect the health of your newest family member. We will cover everything from diapering 101, bathing, soothing techniques and the 5 S’s, sleeping, babywearing, and more to ease your mind about attending to your new little one’s needs.

Learn the basic carry in a variety of  carrier styles with private babywearing consultations. Mini and full sessions are available for those who prefer one-on-one training.

Course Fee: $45


This class is taught by a Certified Lactation Consultant (CLC) and is designed to prepare mothers for what many find most overwhelming part of having a baby. Groups are intentionally kept small in order to provide LOTS of one-on-one assistance. Expectant mothers and new moms are welcome! Topics covered include:
• Benefits of breastfeeding
• Hormones
• Nutrition and medications
• Proper latch and positioning
• How to know when baby is getting enough
• Pumping and storage
• Troubleshooting
• When to call the lactation consultant or doctor

Course Fee: $45



Ease the transition back to work with the advance knowledge of pumping effectively and learn the best strategies to maintain milk supply. Some of the topics covered are below:
• Benefits of breastfeeding
• How to know when baby is getting enough
• Nutrition for breastfeeding
• Pumping and storage
• Troubleshooting
• When to call the lactation consultant or doctor

Course Fee: $45



Created especially for brothers- and sisters–to–be, this single-session class is geared for the 3-8 year old. Focused on celebrating the big brother or big sister’s new role, this class gives them a peek at life with the new baby. The open house format includes a short video and several hands-on activities with their parents.

Course Fee:$45



Learn the in-and-outs of cloth diapering! We are very excited to team up with your local GroVia cloth diaper experts. We will cover everything from simple basics to the science of fibers to help you feel confident in the cloth diaper world. There are no wrong answers or stupid questions in our cloth diaper class because cloth diapering is so very specific to you and your baby. Please know that we are here to help you and your family find the solution that works best for YOU!

Course Fee: $45.00 | Private : $70.00

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