Carmen Mejia-Hill
Joined Mumda 2019 Birth & Postpartum Doula | Reiki Practitioner | Yoga Teacher

Carmen Mejia-Hill (she/her)


I am a mother of 2. I am a wife. I am a photographer. I am a spiritual person. I practice reiki and energy movement. I am a yoga teacher. I am one with nature. I am family oriented. I am compassionate and I deeply love the world.


Top three favorite bands/musicians: Tori Amos, Animal Collective, and Explosions in the Sky
Theme song: I’m Just a Girl by No Doubt


Why mumda?

I was led to mumda. I was led to through my spiritual journey, that began after I was trained as a yoga teacher and realized that studio teaching isn’t for me. I was trying to discover what I wanted to do in life. I was driving down the road one day and it hit me- I want to be a doula. I had a mutual friend connect me with Jen and my idea began to become my reality. A week later they had an open call for doulas. Even as I was sitting there meeting and talking with other aspiring doulas I felt nervous. I kept returning to my instinctive feeling I wanted to be a doula and a part of mumda- so I went in and entered this journey with an open heart. The more I talked with the people at mumda and learned about what they do, I was affirmed that this was it- this was my calling. Brittany and Jen are perfect to learn from and be mentored by- they have so much information and love and compassion to share. I feel very supported as I have grown in my doula journey. The intimacy offered through mumda has allowed me to grow and has impacted my life in so many ways.

Doula philosophy and approach: my doula philosophy is #choices. Literally no matter what it is, you have a choice. I want to support and educate mamas and papas to know their choices. Also, I am all about moving the body. Whereas I am not a trained expert, I have an instinctual understanding of importance of body movement. I bring my spirituality to my doula work. I aim to support clients to feel safe to go inward and fully experience pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.


Areas of education/training: Attended the Apprentice birth doula training (mumda). Attended the Hydrotherapy for labor training (mumda) and is a Certified Doula. Has received advanced training in Reiki, Breathe work, and Body work (yoga). Carmen has been a photographer since she was 15 and learned skills from her father. For clients she enjoys providing photography services to capture the birth experience. She identifies as a raw photographer, which for her it means she does not edit or fiter any photos. Additionally, she provides evidence-based breastfeeding education and support to clients.

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