We focus on stabilizing the nervous system and correction of the spine in an effort to improve the body at the source of the imbalance. Rather than treat in a compartmentalized fashion we work to restore the body and correct the underlying foundation. The nervous system is the master communication system to all the body systems including the reproductive system. Keeping the spine aligned helps the entire body work more effectively.

On your initial visit the chiropractor will consult with you, examine you and recommend a treatment plan that will best suit your needs. We will work with you to specifically address how we will integrate structural correction. Each visit is intended to help you achieve optimal structural and nervous system function. Get relief and make life changes!

Degenerative Disc Disease
Degenerative Joint Disease
Decreased Range of Motion
Poor Posture
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Stress Induced Illness

Neck & Back Pain
Sciatica & Hip Pain
Numbness & Tingling
Muscular Spasm & Tension
Headaches (Including Migraine)
Pinched Nerve (N.I.S.)



Our Webster Certified chiropractors will work with you and your changing body. Trained specifically to help with pelvic balance and alignment providing you with safe and effective care during your pregnancy. By treating subluxations and aligning the spine, the brain is better able to communicate with the rest of your body, which means more stable hormone levels, fewer headaches, less nausea, and more. Our Webster technique treatments are 55-min in length to achieve optimal results.


Chiropractic care can play an integral role in birth preparation to facilitate safer, easier birthing for both moms & their babies.

1. Relieve joint and muscle pain. Studies show that 87% of pregnant women experience low back pain. Chiropractors restore a woman’s optimal spinal alignment and relieve aches, pains, and even nausea associated with pregnancy.

2. Reduce labor and delivery time. By restoring a woman’s natural posture and alignment, many women have experienced shortened and less complicated labor and deliveries following regular chiropractic care throughout their pregnancies.

3. Healthier pregnancy for both mother and child. Safe alignment of a woman’s spine and pelvis, ensures that there will be enough room for her growing baby. Additionally, calming and pain-relieving techniques provided to the mother can positively impact the hormonal and neurological influences she has on her child.


Help ease baby into the 4th trimester and beyond. A gentle approach to helping to balance a babies nervous system for optimal functioning. Benefits include:

Better Sleeping Patterns
Helps with Breastfeeding Issues
Healthy Brain Development
Strengthened Immune Systems
Ease Colic Symptoms
Aids with Digestive Disorders
Helps with Breathing Difficulties
Less Crankiness

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