The HypnoBirthing® Natural Childbirth series is a complete childbirth education course teaching specific methods of relaxation using visualization, breath and self-hypnosis, birth anatomy, and more! Fear about birthing creates tension which results in a more painful labor. Women who are free of fear, educated, supported with the appropriate birth team and providers, and properly relaxed have more comfortable births!

Course Fee : $300 | Private : $400


In this 3-class comprehensive series, you and your partner or birth coach will gain a better understanding of what to expect. Learn about the stages and phases of labor, comfort measures in labor, pain management, postpartum care and normal newborn characteristics. Let the stresses fall away as you gain knowledge and confidence!

Course Fee: $250 (Private Only)


Pregnancy is ideally a phase of preparation and profound growth. It provides a bridge between the time before we are a mom or dad to the time when we are suddenly new parents! In this 4 week course, we will practice mindfulness and yoga to prepare not only for our births but also to cross the bridge into our lives as self-aware and mindful parents.

Course Fee : $300 | Private : $375


Learn the ins and outs of preparing for your natural hospital birth. Become informed about the process and how to best accomplish your birth plan. Learn comfort measures for your labor along with positions that best serve you during the times required to be in bed. Our expert doula and a former Labor and Delivery Nurse will help you understand the process and the why’s of hospital formalities. Be educated, Be prepared!

Course Fee : $100 | Private : $125


Whether you are planning an unmedicated birth or you are unsure, this hands-on class will teach strategies for relaxation and non-pharmacological pain relief, and how partners can help support the birthing woman. Dress comfortably; bring a birth ball (pilates ball), and a comfortable pillow. Come join this hands on, information packed birth support workshop.

Course Fee : $100 | Private : $125

VBAC- 101

If you have had one or more cesareans, your decision about whether to plan a VBAC or a repeat cesarean section section impacts you, your baby, and any future pregnancies. You will want to become well-informed about both VBAC and repeat cesarean, understand the trade-offs, and weigh your own values and concerns so that you can come to a decision that is best for you. Once you make a decision about VBAC or cesarean birth, careful planning can help you reach your goals.

Course Fee : $45 | Private : $70


What are small, simple, and effective changes that you can work into your daily schedule that will add up to have a huge impact on your pregnancy? Find out in this fun and informative class. Everyone is guaranteed to learn something new, whether it is a use for an essential oil, a physical adjustment or movement practice to enhance your alignment, or a mindfulness technique. Follow our daily checklist and watch the impact on your overall wellness.

Course Fee : $45 | Private : $70


Begin balancing your pregnant body to make space for baby’s best birth position. Learn daily activities that provide gentle movement to restore balance in the body. Learn how to move smart and rest smart. An ESSENTIAL for every mother to prepare their body for labor.

Course Fee : $45 | Private : $70


A Covered Cubs course

This 3 part series will help you to effectively create boundaries to keep your baby SAFE. You will also gain the confidence and tools to boldly enforce these boundaries while having the guts to trust YOUR instincts!



Road to a happier birth experience 

Do you desire to experience a happier birth the second or third time around? Then this course is for you. We will explore the labor process and how to have a happier app outcome. Want to know how to keep your interventions low and how to prep your body for a better birth? Come share your past experiences with us and let us help you move towards a happier birth outcome. We will share our Doula bag of tricks on how to keep your interventions low. You too can have a happier birth experience.

The Savvy Birth Parents Workshop

This workshop was developed by Evidence Based Birth® to give you and your partner the confidence and know-how you need to have a more positive, empowering experience in the birthing room.

Unlike other childbirth classes, we will help you avoid the typical assembly-line care with six virtual “tickets!”

These “tickets” are your secret advantage to coping with the unknowns of birth!  At the workshop you’ll find out how you can use these tickets in the hospital or wherever you intend to give birth!  We believe that the knowledge you will gain from the Savvy Birth Workshop will leave you and your partner inspired, hopeful, and excited about the upcoming birth of your baby and ready to approach the big day with a savvy swing in your step!

This Savvy Birth Pro Workshop is taught by Jen Walker Evidence Based Birth® Instructor, owner of Mumda

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