Pilates is the ultimate preparation for your birth and beyond with our personalized, individual Pilates instruction.  Each session is tailored with both mom and baby in mind, and we offer customizations and modifications for each trimester. Pilates will …

• Restore muscular balance
• Strengthen core and pelvic floor
• Increase coordination, strength, and flexibility
• Emphasize and improve body alignment and posture
• Help with low back, shoulder, hip, neck pain and sciatica


Available to all stages of pregnancy and all levels of yoga experience, prenatal yoga offers multiple benefits – emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  Not only does it strengthen the body & mind, preparing the mother for labor, emotionally it strengthens the bond between mother and child at such a sacred time to connect and be present. It aids in creating a peaceful womb atmosphere for the baby and zen mind for mother.

Through centering meditation, the flow of pranayama helps the mother to breathe better as the baby moves up into the ribs and lungs. The goal is an added awareness of how the body works to create this child, to bear this child, and deliver with confidence with motherly caring strength.

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