Haley Anderson

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Haley Anderson (she/her)

My goal is to help birthing people take back control of their experience through empowerment fueled by confidence, education and support. As a new doula and mother of two myself, I strive to make others aware of the choices available to them and support the decisions my clients make for themselves. 

Top three bands/musicians: twenty one pilots, j. Cole, Jessie Reyes 

Why Mumda: Being with a group of  supportive, encouraging, successful birth workers while starting my own doula journey has been beyond beneficial. This sense of community is something I have never experienced before, and has not only helped me in the birth world but also in my personal life. 

Philosophy: I am very much a servant doula. I aim to support my clients physically and emotionally through their birth experience and beyond in the way that is best suited for them.