Holly Kaddour

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Holly Kaddour (She/Her)

I have a degree in Biology and have been in daycare management for 15 years.


Top three favorite bands/musicians: Skillet. Pink. Adele.


Theme song: Hurts to be Human by P!nk


Why mumda?

I like the group agency style. We always have someone to support you- you’re never alone.


Doula philosophy and approach: I stress education and support through being there. I want to be there for people.


Areas of education/training or specialties:


Completed the Birth Education Advocacy Mentorship (BEAM) program. Working towards Birth Doula certification (DONA International). Trained in Hydrotherapy for labor (mumda). Highly knowledgeable about parenting skills and child development. Experience working with children with special needs which has fostered high levels of patiences and crisis management/remains calm during high stress situations.