Jamie Boyles

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Jamie Boyles (she/her)

I am a mama of a 4 year-old-son. His birth inspired me to become a birth worker. I have a big family, who I am really close with. In my spare time I love to be outdoors. I am a nature-lover and enjoy exploring with my son.


Top three favorite bands/musicians: Rebelution, The Lumineers, and Tribal Seeds

Theme song: Flawless by Beyonce

Why mumda?

I chose mumda because I love the team aspect. I met Jen at the DONA International training 2 years ago and loved her aura. Then later I met Sami and she explained how the agency works. I felt inspired to join and engage in the doula community.

Doula philosophy and approach: I want women to know that their birth is theirs. Each person owns their pregnancy and should have complete autonomy over their birth experience. My goal is to empower clients to make informed decisions and support what they feel is best for their birth, baby, and themselves.
I am very introverted, but I have found this as a strength.


Areas of advanced education/training: Attended birth doula training (DONA International). Hydrotherapy in labor (mumda). Completed the Birth Education Advocacy Mentorship (BEAM) program. Experience in VBACs and teen moms. ASL fluent.