Jennifer Walker
Co Owner & Full Spectrum Doula | Pilates Fitness Specialist

Jen Walker (she/her)

I wear a lot of hats in my life. I always have. I really like to keep my mind and body busy through creative outlets. I have a background in dance and a Masters in Dance Education. I have worked a lot in the prenatal and postnatal fitness industry, specifically with pilates. That is how I got into doula work. I fell into working with doulananda, the first doula agency in Jax. Eventually I took over as owner. I am a mom of three, a wife, and a dog mom of two dogs. I try to keep life stimulating and fun for myself and my family.


Top three favorite bands/musicians: My all time favorite album since I was a baby is Joni Mitchell’s Blue. Pink Floyd. The Beatles. I like everything from Sublime to LCD Soundsystem to Tom Petty to Disco to Fleetwood Mac. Bob Marley. Led Zeppelin. Beck. DJ Shadow.
Theme song: Me and Bobby McGee by Janis Joplin


Why mumda? The roots of the name of mumda is from my daughter saying mom and dad at the same time. I was presented with the opportunity to take on the agency and it felt like the path I was supposed to take. At mumda’s core we believe there is a doula for everyone and doula support holds tremendous value. I really want it to be a place to support a variety of women with the mission of supporting all kinds of birth. In the later years it has become a training ground to support new doulas as they grow professionally. For Brittany and me, community is important. I love to do this work. The way the mumda doulas support one another, I never feel alone. We bring in doulas that have a variety of backgrounds and expertise. The beauty in this is that we never have to turn away a woman because we have a doula to fit their needs.

Doula philosophy and approach: When I am with a client, prenatally, I do everything I can to help them prepare their body and mind for the birth. This includes everything from their daily movement and exercise regime to educating clients in determining their birth preferences. Overall my goal is to support clients in their journey to find their own voice. Even though you have a doula to advocate for you, it is important for me to guide clients to find their unique, individual voice. In the birthing room, I do everything I can to physically and emotionally support clients. I tune in to the movement, provide comfort measures, help with positioning and labor progression.


Areas of education/training or specialties: Co-owner of mumda. Certified birth and postpartum doula (DONA International). Certified by Postpartum Support International. Spinning Babies and Evidence-Based Birth trained. Jen holds a Masters in Dance Education and is a founding member of Jacksonville Dance Theatre. She has worked for over 20 years as a Pilates Instructor and owns Pilates by Jen (Power Pilates of New York).

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