Joufflie Richardson
Birth Doula

Joufflie Richardson (She/Her)

Mother of 2 handsome black kings in the making and a child of God. I believe through him all things are possible. No matter how hot the day place me outside to catch all the sun rays! I love all things outdoors and you can find my family at every festival you can think of. I was born in Haiti, raised in South Florida, and moved to Jacksonville in 2020.  Major foodie at heart, I love all things savory and gooey. I have a strong weakness for Trader Joe’s, and I love it; it’s my Disney world!

Top three favorite bands/musicians: Fantasia, Tasha Cobbs Leonard and India Arie 

Why Mumda? 

Client turned employee, Mumda captivated me when they became a part of my birthing story. From beginning to end, my doula with Mumda showed the care, support, and empowerment that the company looks for when seeking the best of the best.  As part of the team, I have felt nothing but love, support, and encouragement from these great women. In this space I feel free to ask questions, grow and most importantly be myself fearlessly. 

Doula philosophy and approach: 

A client-centered atmosphere that empowers women, through love and support, to write their perfect birth story. My goal is for my client to have all the possible knowledge to make informed decisions of their choice. No matter the topic of conversation or what my personal opinions are, I vow to provide love and support that comes with no boarders or boundaries. I believe the words my body my choice extended far beyond conception.  I want to ensure that you feel you are being heard, and confident to make all the choices when it comes to what happens to your body and the life you are creating. So, when you face those challenging moments, I am here to hold your hand and get you to the finish line. When you have 50 million questions, I am here to do everything in my power to ensure you receive the answers you seek.  I want you to feel relieved to know there is someone in your corner that you can trust, here to advocate on your behalf from the first chapter to the final chapter of your birthing story.

Areas of education/training or specialties: Birth Doula Training (BEAM seeking certification), First Aid/CPR/ BLS certified (American Heart Association)