Karen Leishman

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Karen Leishman (she/her)


I am a momma of 2 grown sons and married to my high school sweetheart.  I’m also a military veteran and a Registered Nurse so I feel comfortable working with other medical professionals. 

Top three favorite bands/musicians: I like just about every genre of music from classic rock to pop to worship songs so my top 3 songs change often.

Theme song: In the Waiting by Kina Grannis

Why Mumda? 

I was invited to train with Mumda by my DONA birth doula trainer. I liked the idea of additional training and belonging to a team of like-minded people.  Brittany and Jen were great teachers and I felt excitement after my first training session with them. Joining Mumda was definitely the right path for me. This has enabled me to provide caring prenatal, childbirth and postpartum support to mommas. 

Doula philosophy and approach:

I am calm, caring, and compassionate and will do everything I can to make your birthing experience what you want it to be. I will also help you advocate for your ideal birth experience and get answers to your questions. 

Areas of education/training: 

Bachelors of Science in nursing with experience working in postpartum/newborn nursery
Birth Education Advocacy Mentorship program (BEAM through Mumda)

Birth doula training though DONA International (seeking certification)
Have attended Hypnobirthing classes as a doula
I also have a passion for taking photos