Nefertiti Socastro
Joined Mumda in 2019 | Birth Doula

Nefertiti Socastro (she/her)

I am a mother of 2 girls. I am married. I am active duty in the Navy, here in Jacksonville. I enjoy running and spending time with my kids.


Top three favorite bands/musicians: John Legend, Luther Vandross, and Natasha Cobbs

Theme song:

Why mumda?

Brittany was my doula. all of the support i recieved through my first pregnancy as my husband was deployed allowed me to feel encouraged and empowered to birth my baby naturally. I wanted to give back to our community and provide the same support i received. Brittany began mentoring me and i became a doula with mumda.


Doula philosophy and approach: I focus my work on empowerment and strength. Make it yours- i want clients to feel like no one can take away from their birth experience. I want my clients to feel confident as they journey through pregnancy, birth and postpartum.


Areas of education/training: Doula Apprenticeship Training (mumda). Specialized interest in breastfeeding and military families.

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