Nikomi Peltz
Joined in 2011 | Administrative Assistant | Virtual Doula

Nikomi Peltz (she/her)

I am a quiet-spirited one, a listener and an observer. I thrive from having alone time and that’s what recharges me. I love Jesus! I am a wife as well as a mother to three beautiful children. I am also passionate, and a lover, of all things health and nutrition.


Top three favorite bands/musicians:
These questions are never easy for me to answer. haha!
-Beach Boys (I am a California born gal!)
-Lauren Daigle
-Dave Matthews Band


Theme song:
Well, I’m the worst person to ask about songs! LOL I know a lot of them but can hardly remember the names or the artists, and actually put the two together. However, one song that always gets me pumped is Thunder – by Imagine Dragons. It’s often on the playlist in my hot yoga power class and it just gets my energy going. It’s also a song that is about overcoming any challenges that come your way, in order to achieve your goals.


Why mumda?
Why not Mumda? 🙂 I love that mumda is a diverse team and we are able to offer a large variety of services to our clients. With a team such as ours, we always have someone to help us grow and learn, as well as the extra support to our clients. It’s nice to know that Mumda is all about education too! So our team is continually learning new things and we are able to extend that education and experience to our clients, to better support them.


Doula philosophy and approach:
I am naturally a listener and observer. So I love to get to know my clients, listen to their needs, and support them in a way that enhances what strengths they already have, but then offer new things in ways they didn’t realize were possible. I am passionate about encouraging my clients and reminding them that it’s THEIR birth. No one else’s. Each mother will have her very own experience that does not need to compare to anyone else’s. There are no expectations, except for the mother to do what’s best for her and her baby in each moment.


Areas of education/training or specialties:
Birth Doula and Administrative Support

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