All placentas come with a cord keepsake and anywhere from 100-250 pill capsules depending on the size of your placenta. Done in the Traditional Chinese Method (TCM) the placenta is steamed over warming herbs & spices, followed by dehydrated, then ground into a fine powder and encapsulated in vegetable based capsules. According to TCM the heating of the placenta is thought to increase warming, yang energy, in order to balance the cold, yin energy, that is prevalent postpartum.

We are certified in Blood Borne Pathogens through OSHA (Operational Safety and Health Administration) so you can have the peace of mind that your placenta is processed with the highest professional standards of cleanliness and safety.

Reported benefits that some women have include an increase in milk production, improved happiness in their mood, and an increase in energy. The placenta contains a large amount of iron that helps to restore any iron deficiency from blood lost during birth, as well as a plethora of healing stem cells that help to repair your body from the inside out.

How it works (delivery and pick up)

What you need: A small cooler, and two gallon sized ziplock bags.

Once your baby is born and you have your placenta in your possession, contact Mumda to let them know. Our placenta encapsulator will then call you to arrange a time for pick up. During this time please be sure your placenta is either kept refrigerated or on ice. You may use your ziplock bags for storage, and your small cooler for transport.
Our placenta encapsulator will either pick up from you directly at the hospital, or from your home, depending which is easier for you.
Our processing time is typically three days (I.e. placenta is picked up Monday, the capsules will be ready on Wednesday).

We offer home delivery of your capsules for an additional service fee, or you may pick them up from the Mumda office.


Is it safe to consume my placenta ?
Yes. By steaming your placenta prior to dehydrating we are ensuring that any harmful bacteria that may be present is removed.

I’m GBS positive. Can I still consume my placenta ?
Absolutely! GBS, or Group B Strep, is a bacterium found in the intestines or lower genital tract. We steam the placenta to 160 degrees Fahrenheit prior to dehydrating which kills any pathogens, such as GBS bacteria, that may be present. That being said – if your baby is born and showing signs of GBS, or if you or your baby experience a fever post birth, we do not recommend consuming your placenta.

When is it not okay to consume my placenta ?
If there is an infection occurring in the mother or baby following the birth, the placenta should not be consumed.

My placenta was taken to pathology- now what ?
Unfortunately once a placenta is taken to pathology we are no longer able to use it due to the potential of contamination. If your placenta must be taken to pathology – and you did not have a fever or any reason why your placenta can not be consumed – ask if they may take only a piece of the placenta so that the entire thing does not become contaminated.

My placenta has meconium. Is that okay ?
Depending on the severity, consuming your placenta would still be considered safe. We wash the placenta thoroughly before steaming, and the steaming process would kill any harmful surface bacteria.

When should I not take my placenta pills ?
According to TCM, at times of fever (mastitis/flu/illness) you should stop taking your placenta pills due to the belief that placenta capsules add heat, yang energy, back into your body; it is believed the heat from the capsules will feed the infection rather than your body.

How long will my capsules last ?
They can be stored in the fridge for up to one year, and in the freezer indefinitely. You may use them during menopause to help ease symptoms.

How many capsules do I get ?
Depending on the size of your placenta you may get anywhere from 100-250 capsules.

How many capsules should I take ?
The recommended dose is 3 per day (think breakfast, lunch, and dinner), and you may increase up to 6 per day depending on your need.

Description of services

Placenta tincture : a piece of the placenta that has been steeped in a quality alcohol for 6 weeks, creating a potent formula. One drop of tincture is equal to one capsule. It may be taken by diluting in water, tea, or juice, as well as given to your child during times of sickness (diluted in water, tea, or juice), to help aid in healing.

Delivery: the finished capsules are delivered directly to your home.

The placenta – also called the ‘first mother’ is viewed as a sacred organ in many countries of the world and is treated in many different ways. Some people honor it in the form of a ceremony, others plant it in the ground and grow a tree on top, sprinkle it in their garden, or save the ‘dust’ to add to food and smoothies. However you decide to honor your placenta is entirely your choice.