Postpartum Packages


$825 Standard Postpartum Package includes 6 visits/topics

$975 Plus Postpartum Package includes 8 visits/topics

$1125 Premium Postpartum Package includes 10 visits/topics


*Additional visits/topics may be added to packages at $60 each


Packages Include


  • 1 visit to monthly postpartum RE:HAB 
  • 1 visit to monthly Mommy & Me Yoga 
  • 10% off a la carte Mumda Birth Doula
  • 10% off a la carte Placenta Encapsulation
  • 10% off Mumda BeWell (massage & fitness)
  • MUMDA Postpartum T-Shirt 
  • 24/7 Postpartum Support and Coordination

Postpartum Director & Certified Postpartum Doula Brittany Fadiora will be available via phone and email  to assess your needs and coordinate your visits with the appropriate topic and postpartum team member. Brittany is a professional trained counselor and will provide continuous  emotional support, direction and encouragement throughout your family’s postpartum period. Your family will be connected to endless community resources, workshops and events here in Jacksonville. You will have full support navagationing baby items, decisions and products as you welcome you new baby into your home.  


Postpartum Home Visits / Topics

All topics will include a one page handout and will last no longer than 2 hours

$120 A La Carte Visits/Topics



  • Postpartum Mood Disorders and Depression Session Leader: PP Doula Brittany, PP Doula Jen, PP Therapist Katie


1 in 7 Moms and 1 in 10 Dads suffer from postpartum depression. When normal worries or concerns start to multiply and become debilitating. We provide screening for postpartum mood disorders, depression and anxiety in the comfort of your home. You will be assessed by a PSI trained professional with all the accompanying support resources and referrals.                  



  • Baby Basics II Session Leader: PP Doula and Educator Brittany


Explore the topic of caring for your newborns individual temperament and unique personality in the comfort of your home. You will learn basic skills of infant massage and soothing a colicky or gassy baby. You will gain knowledge on your baby’s milestones, growth spurts and learn appropriate activities to carry out with your infant. All of your questions regarding your newborns care will be addressed here. This is a great topic to involve infant care providers such as babysitters, grandmas and nannies. This session is great reinforcement and follow up of Baby Basics I Class.



  • Infant Sleep Education and Schedules Session Leader: PP Doula and Educator Brittany


This topic has to be our most sought after yet. You will learn about all the different types of infant schedules and the pros and cons of them in choosing one that fits your lifestyle the best. Other topics to be explored are realistic expectations of infant sleep, how babies soothe themselves, co-sleeping,family beds, and gentle transitions.


  • Breastfeeding Beyond Basics Session Leader: PP Doula and Educator Brittany or Rachel T. CLC, RN or Rachel G. CLC


Within this topic, client is taught hands on how to hand express breast milk, unclog milk ducts, hands on pumping and how to remedy a variety of nursing discomforts. Nursing positions are demonstrated and practiced. Client will be directed on how to introduce bottles, how to cup feed and how to practice pace led bottle feeding. Discussion topics include but are not limited to public nursing, laws relating to breastfeeding and psychology of the nursing women. Laws on maintaining your milk supply and how to pump when returning back to work.  This is a comprehensive proactive session that is great reinforcement and follow up of Breastfeeding Basics.

*Any breastfeeding related challenges and issues should be addresses in a private breastfeeding consult.


  • Family Dynamics and Parenting Styles Session Leader:Tiffany Certified Parenting Instructor


In this session you will be given strategies to guide and protect your children and yourself as you navigate parenting a new baby in the home. You will gain knowledge on creating habits that keep baby safe, effective parenting practices that establish a parent/child trust relationship, how to find a comfortable balance with your spouse/partner when you have different ideas of how to parent and how to trust your own paternal instincts.



  • Cloth Diaper Bootcamp Session Leader: PP Doula and Educator Brittany or Doula Samantha


This session explores the “fluff world” of cloth diapering. If you are thinking of modern cloth diapering part-time or full-time this topic is for you. After this comprehensive session you will be able to confidently choose the best cloth diapering system for you and your family. You will also know to to properly wash and care for them so that they last a lifetime.This is a fun session full of hands on demos and comedy.


  • Transition/ Maintenance of Postpartum Support  Session Leader: Educator and PP Doula Brittany


It’s wonderful to have lots of family and friends around to support you during your postpartum period. You may have questions on how to organize your support system, what rules to lay down for your team, how long they should stay, who should be responsible for what and how to maintain once everyone is gone back to their normal routine, all while still maintaining the intimacy and privacy of your new family. Support will be privately provided for you to handle and manage your household during this sensitive time for you. This session is great to hold right before baby arrives.     


  • Safe Babywearing Session Leader: Doula Samantha


This session explains how to safely and comfortable wear your baby and all the benefits. After this session you will understand how to wear your baby in every type of carrier a few are soft structured, ring slings, pouch slings,  woven wraps, stretchy wraps, mei tai’s and some cool exotic carries with a regular scarf or light blanket. You will find the perfect fit for your body type and baby with hands on education from a expert while your learn to safely secure your baby. The only thing that will be difficult after this session will be choosing a pattern or design for your carrier or carriers.


  • Private Postpartum RE:HAB Session Leader: Certified Fitness Instructor and Educator Jen


In this session you will learn daily pelvic floor exercises in the privacy and comfort of your home to repair your weakened or damaged pelvic floor that became stretched during pregnancy and birth. Doing the pelvic floor exercises that you learn will help you to regain control of your core muscles, bladder and bowels. This session compliments well with postpartum nutrition and meal planning.


  • Intro to Solids, 6 Months and Beyond Session Leader: Rachel T. CLC, RN or PP Doula and Educator Brittany


Introducing solids and liquids to your baby other that milk is a big milestone for you and you baby, it can be very fun and easy. This discussion includes the introduction of baby foods, when and how to introduce them. Baby-led weaning, how to make your own baby food, introducing a trainer cup and the nutritional needs of your infant.This topic also covers how breastfeeding changes beyond 6 months and how to combat nursing strikes, the nosey nurser and teething.


  • Lite Home and Nursery Organization Skills Session Leader: Doula Megan or Doula Samantha


Adding a new member to your home comes with lots of new possessions, in this session you will receive assistance in choosing the right baby products to add to your registry. You will be provided with suggestions based off reviews and safety ratings for someone not selling the product or service. You will have hands on help with unpacking and organizing your items to create an efficient set up making life with a newborn that much easier. Whether you have a complete nursery or a cozy corner in your bedroom the key is being organized in a efficient way for your growing family. This session is great to hold right before baby arrives. 


  • Postpartum Nutrition Support and Meal Planning Session Leader: Rachel T. CLC, RN


Pregnancy can deplete your body of essential building blocks. In this session, education will be provided concerning nutritional needs during the lactation and postpartum phase to promote healing and overall restore health.This session can be customized based off your goals. Goals can be geared toward weight loss, weight gain or maintaining throughout. Nursing your baby can take its toll on your body and it is very important to stay healthy. This session compliments well with postpartum RE:HAB


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