So you thought your friends were joking when they said your days of sleeping, eating and showering were over. mumda says “you can still do all of that but you may need a reality check…help is here to help you and everyone else adjust. Introducing a new member of the family can be hard, let our postpartum team of certified doulas help you with expert care, evidence based answers, and the guidance and encouragement you deserve!

At mumda our Postpartum Packages go beyond just an hourly relief and give you the comprehensive postpartum care you need to help you and your family adjust to your newest family addition. You’re postpartum specialist helps you coordinate everything from meal trains, to help with newborn care, lactation, nutrition and emotional health 3 months following birth. Our postpartum specialist are certified with Postpartum Support International and trained to assess your emotional health and help to connect you with additional community resources if necessary. You’ll receive 24/7 Postpartum support via email/text/phone along with access to all the mumda team offers in terms of community support and in-house services.


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