Birth Packages & Workshops

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Birth/ Labor Tub Rental Package 


Birth Doula

Birth/ Labor Tub 

Hydrotherapy Class 

(Accessories, Liner and Delivery Fees Included)



Birth Doula 

Basic Placenta Encapsulation

( Pick up & Drop off Included)



Birth Doula 

Private Total Mumda Prep Series 

Private Breastfeeding Course 



Comfort Measures Workshop


Private Workshop

Whether you are planning an unmedicated birth or you are unsure, this hands-on workshop will teach strategies for relaxation and non-pharmacological pain relief, and how partners can help support the birthing woman. You will also learn how to use the tools in the Labor Tool Kit, some tools are the birth ball, magic peanut ball, CUB and squatting stool. in addition your partner will be instructed on how to support with hydrotherapy as.  Dress comfortably; bring a birth ball, yoga mat and a comfortable pillow.



Breathing Into Birth


Private Workshop

In this workshop you will learn several focused breathing techniques to help you have a more comfortable and manageable labor.Breathing into birth combines techniques of meditation, relaxation, focused awareness, and mindfulness to bring calmness and relaxation into the different stages of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Reduce stress, anxiety and breathe in comfort and calm.
Wear comfortable clothes , bring your birth ball and yoga mat.

Workshops are offered every second Sunday of the month. Each workshop is 60min long. Price covers pregnant mother and one partner. Please see our calendar for details or contact us.