Tierrah Samuels

Tierrah Samuels (she/her)


✨ Jax Native who swoons at the site of any beach and feels completely at home on the waters edge. A lover of all things natural with a ripening relationship with Mother Earth. A love for energetic healing, continual growth, evolution and expansion. A mother and alchemist of 3 futures.


My adventures in motherhood, experience with first time and seasoned mothers at Bay&Bee, and training in waldorf and lifeways have lead me on a beautiful journey that has nudged my desire to serve as support during the sacred moments of pregnancy, birth and post partum.


Top three favorite bands/musicians:

Willow Smith (Rise Album)


Bob, Skip and Stephen Marley


Theme song:

Born To Give -Willow


Why mumda?

Because support amongst women is vital.


Doula philosophy and approach:

My mission as your Doula is to awaken the power that lies dormant within each of us women. My aim is to cultivate a sense of knowing within you that will bridge a connection with your body, your baby, your partner and ultimately a deeper connection with yourself.



Areas of advanced education/training:

Birth Education Advocacy Mentorship program (BEAM through MUMDA)

Certified Newborn Touch Instructor (through LifeWays)

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