Tiffany Davis

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Tiffany Davis (she/her)


I am new to doula work- it fell into my hands. I spoke to many fellow doulas and felt called to become one. I love the aspect of coaching and advocating for women and supporting them through their pregnancy and birth experience.


Top three favorite bands/musicians: Her, Whitney Houston, and Drake


Why mumda?


It all kinda fell into my hands. I went to a few meetings with my aunt. I began talking to other doulas and Brittany and Jen. mumda offers many learning opportunities. Additionally, they have diverse clientele and birth work experiences. I appreciate how all of the other doulas are close, support each other, and work together as a team. It feels very much like a family.


Doula philosophy and approach: my approach is always letting the client lead and standing by what the client needs and desires.


Areas of advanced education/training: Doula apprenticeship training (mumda). Trained in providing virtual doula support (mumda).